Award for Communication – 2011

Ivory Coast

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Tags: information, blog, education, citizenship, transparency

«Beyond the texts of journalists, beyond the control of the information technology, our training are to change the way the youth behaves and lives.»

«The biggest challenge for Africa is the absence of skills for people to create their own jobs. For one who has nothing to do, for one who has nothing to lose, it is easy to take a weapon and engage in armed conflicts.»

Read more: Israel Yoroba Guebo

Honorary prize – 2011


Mayor of Bamako IV: the new political generation

Tags: politics, corruption, land abuse, transparency, participative management

«Good governance, transparency and a responsible management of our resources is a condition for our constituencies to trust us.»

«We encourage people to work with us for the development of their areas. For me, populations are mainly our bosses.»

Read more: Moussa Mara

Award for Local Leadership – 2011


Women in rural areas, a key for the development in Madagascar

Tags: women, non violence, poverty, development, participative management.

«All people convinced her to give up her fight. The more challenges she met the more convincing and sharp was her speech. Then a crowd of men and women gathered around this woman with a loudspeaker.»

«Federate, defending the rights of each person peacefully.»

Read more: Ravaloriaka Eva Monique

Award for Civil Society – 2011


Comprehensive approach for the development of Emboreet Village

Tags: poverty, access to water and to micro-loans, settling, education, Masai.

«I wanted to put an end to our nomadic habits and to make the Masai be a sedentary person who preserves the local cultural values at the same time.»

«For many years, the government tried to encourage the Masai people to adopt a more sedentary way of life without success. Now the impulse is coming from the grassroots.»

Read more: Toima Kiroya

Honorary prize – 2011


Governance of territorial projects

Tags: rural exodus, employment, entrepreneurship, local development, traditions.

«We succeeded to involve our populations in the changes of the community. The objective is to stimulate the talents of each of us at the profit of the community knowing that the real energy is in ourselves.»

«Local development, Yes, but we do not have to destroy our core values of the desert.»

Read more: Adouz Abdellah

Latest news

  • 2014

    There will be no Harubuntu international prize in 2014. After six years of hardship, passionate and intense activities the Harubuntu team has taken a break for evaluating the work it has been doing.


    However, an initiative for a specific edition of Harubuntu will take place in the only country of Ivory Coast.


    For staying with us and to remain informed on future editions, please register here.


    We remains yours faithfully,


    For the Harubuntu team,



  • Winners 2013: videos are online

    Video presentation of the winners in 2013 are finally online. Visit the Press section!

  • Harubuntu awards 2013

    The award-giving ceremony will take place in Brussels on December 6th at the end of a two days workshop on ownership: "Ownership in progress: two days to share our tools and experiences". Congratulations to Yasmina El Alaoui, Laurien Ntezimana, Noëline Razanadrakoto, Achidi Valentin Agon, Juana Vetsohantaina Hellia and Florida Makarubuga.



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